A few words from the parents of children whose lives have been changed through sense-able connections


A. Rivera
son, 6

Anabelle's son was diagnosed with ASD and is a 'sweet, loveable boy with a beautiful mind.'


S. Shore
son, 4

Branden was born at 34 weeks and while all seemed fine at first a few days later in the Nicu we were told he has had a brain bleed (bilateral intra ventricular hemorrhage grade 3), needless to say we were told by several doctors that he would be blind, not walk, be on a feeding tube, and everything else that the web has to offer. I didn't see any of that in his future and it wasn't until I met Yrma that I knew he would be the best version of whatever was in store for him. Yrma has always looked at Branden as a whole and never limited her time with him with your standard Occupational therapy exercises. She has worked on his sensitivities to feeding, reflexes, visual exercises, stability, behavioral, to name a few! Aside from the biggest things, she has brought a sense of peace, great energy, and belief that anything is possible. Branden is a smart, capable, happy, child who has overcome all of his limitations and for that I would always be thankful to Yrma and team.